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Nintendo DS Tech Specs

Liquid crystal screen [a top screen and a bottom screen (touch screen)]

It is the 3 inches half-penetration reflection type TFT color liquid crystal display with a back light function in which 260,000 color displays are possible. Moreover, the lower screen is the touch screen which can touch a screen with directly and which can be operated.


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He can be enjoyed in a stereo sound.

Power supply button

Operation button
[A cross button, A button, B button, X button, Y button, L button, and R button start button selection button]


The microphone for a voice input. A game can be advanced with sounds, such as voice and a handclap.


GBA cartridge opening

The cartridge only for the Game Boy advances is inserted.

* Only for the Game Boy colors, the Game Boy & color community, and the cartridge for Game Boys cannot be used.

Charge lamp

Power supply lamp

Headphone / microphone connection terminal

The stereo headphone only for the Game Boy series (option) and commercial stereo headphone are connected.

AC adapter connection connector

DS card opening

The card only for NINTENDO DS(s) is inserted.

Strap hook

An attached touch strap and a commercial strap can be attached.

Touch pen touch penholder

It is a pen for touching a touch screen directly and operating it. When not using it, it inserts in a touch penholder.

Touch pen (2) [NTR-004]

NINTENDO DS main part attachment (1) / reserve (1)

The touch strap only for NINTENDO DS(s) [NTR-009]

It is the exclusive strap which can be used also as a touch pen.

AC adapter only for NINTENDO DS(s) [NTR-002(JPN/USA)]

It is AC adapter only for NINTENDO DS(s).
It can be used for the Game Boy advance SP (AGS-001).


The card only for NINTENDO DS(s)

They are compact and smart card media.

The cartridge only for the Game Boy advances

The cartridge only for the Game Boy advances can also be used.
* The communication function of the Game Boy advance software cannot be used.

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